Top 5 Interview Tips

We are all aware of how daunting interviews can be; very few people enjoy them. It doesn’t matter how many you’ve done – whether it’s two or ten – likelihood is, you will be nervous beforehand regardless of how experienced you are. The easiest method to help calm your nerves is to be well prepared for your interview and feel like you are in control of the situation, which is far more achievable than you might think.

Everyone has seen “interview tips” online before – whether it’s a blog, a LinkedIn post, a video on social media or otherwise, it’s pretty easy to find a whole host of pointers online to help you prepare for the big day. However, here at RTRS, we like to keep it simple – stick to what you know in the run up to your interview and remember the five simple tips below.

Do sufficient research

In the run-up to your interview, researching what the company does is simply not enough – you need to delve a little deeper. Find out about news and recent events in regards to the company, any awards they have won recently, key players within the business and their values, mission and company culture. If this information isn’t easily accessible on their website or social channels, it’s the perfect opportunity to mention these topics in your interview when they ask you if you have any questions.

Dress comfortably

Of course, we aren’t suggesting you turn up to your interview in a tracksuit, but at the same time it is important that the outfit you wear to your interview is something you won’t feel distracted by. If your new shoes are painful or your suit jacket is too tight, this may distract you from the conversation you’re having and your answers to questions. Make sure you dress smartly but ensure that you’re 100% comfortable so that what you’re wearing is one less thing to worry about!

Be emotionally intelligent

Emotional intelligence is all about being aware of how other people are feeling and acting in certain situations. In an interview setting, sometimes it’s difficult to fully understand how your interviewer is feeling, but you should be able to gauge how formal or laid-back they are within the first couple of minutes of talking to them. Act accordingly; don’t come across extremely laid-back and nonchalant if their interview style is formal, and vice versa.

Tell the truth

People often feel the need to exaggerate their abilities or experience in an interview setting. This may be down to nerves, which is understandable as you want to impress your interviewer. However, your best option is always to tell the truth; if you are completely honest with all your interview answers and you are offered the job, you know you’ve received a legitimate offer and not a job based on fabricated answers!  

Be organised

Make sure you are well prepared beforehand. If your interview is arranged last minute, there will be a limited amount of research and preparation you can do. However, if you have a few days to research the company and its location and print off your CV, you will feel far more comfortable on the day. Being organised for an interview doesn’t mean you have to overprepare and stress yourself out; but, it does mean that you should do sufficient research and planning to ensure that you are as calm as possible when the big day arrives.


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