RTRS – The Engineering Sectors We Excel In

The 2018 Engineering UK Report identified the need for 124,000 skilled engineers, annually; a huge demand that is simply not being met. In a candidate-driven market, partnering with a recruitment agency that has industry-specific knowledge, expertise and contacts is vital for matching the top talent with the best roles.

Whether you’re looking for your next position or searching for the perfect candidate, at RTRS, we work across a variety of engineering sectors, with our consultants known for their specific experience and skills. Our engineering recruitment experts successfully recruit for the following:


With a turnover of £31.8 billion, the UK’s aerospace sector is the largest in Europe and second largest in the world. A demanding and fast-paced sector, there are significant progression opportunities available, especially for engineers skilled in manufacturing and advanced technology. We maintain contact with our extensive database of boundary-pushing aerospace engineers, ensuring we are ready to match them to new openings wherever possible.


Innovation is at the heart of this sector, where rigorous safety requirements and sustainability are in the spotlight, globally. Turning over £77.5 billion in 2017 and employing 169,000 automotive manufacturing engineers, the automotive industry competes hard for top talent. At RTRS, we are skilled in matching vacancies with skilled engineers, and our automotive recruitment experts have worked with some of the biggest names in the country.


The UK is the world’s second-largest defence exporter, employing more than 14,200 engineers, and with major programmes such as the Queen Elizabeth carrier, there are many opportunities for engineers wanting to contribute to national security and global stability. This industry has a particular shortage in, and demand for, skills in progressive and complex technologies. We are trusted by a number of nationally recognised land, sea and air defence companies, to provide a selection of talent from our pool of experienced defence candidates.


The most common sector for engineers, manufacturing is worth a staggering £572 billion and employs 42.3% of the UK’s engineering workforce. Requirements are continually increasing, as the industry prepares for Industry 4.0. At RTRS, we have significant experience in manufacturing recruitment, particularly filling the current gap of skilled technicians and machinists.

Maritime and naval

From dinghies to aircraft carriers, the world’s commerce relies on maritime engineers with complex mathematical and advanced problem-solving skills. Our maritime consultants work on a range of land and sea opportunities, where the requirement for advanced technological knowledge is increasing, as the industry works hard towards making autonomous shipping a reality.


Nuclear power supplies 20% of the UK’s electricity and requires over 60,000 engineers to enable this. Government support for new nuclear power stations, such as Hinkley Point in Somerset, will create thousands of vacancies in this sector; Hinkley Point alone will provide 25,000 jobs during construction and 900 into the future. Nationally, the Nuclear Workforce Assessment predicts a requirement of 100,619 engineers by 2020, and we are proudly involved in helping achieve this.


The UK’s medical technology market is the third largest in Europe, worth a significant £7.6 billion and employing over 115,000. With predictions that global healthcare spend will reach $8.7 trillion by 2020, the requirement for engineers is ever-increasing, as is the competition for talent. RTRS has relationships with a number of large medical suppliers, providing engineers with strong experience in new medical methods, products and technology.

We have industry-specific specialists, covering every source, to match our talent to your opening. All of our candidates go through an intensive screening process, identifying their skills, potential and personality. Whichever your engineering sector, you can be confident that we will find the right candidate for you.


If you need help with hiring engineers for your business, register a job with us and one of our specialist recruiters will be in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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Principal Consultant – Mechanical Design – Massachusetts

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