2018 – The Year of Engineering

2018 is the official Year of Engineering and with over four months gone and eight yet to come, we have already seen lots to celebrate and plan for, both for engineering clients and candidates alike.

What is the Year of Engineering?

The Year of Engineering is a government-backed campaign, that sets out to celebrate and highlight one of the UK’s most productive industries that is already contributing £486 billion to the UK economy. With a calendar full of events, talks, challenges and exhibitions, 2018 is going to be the year for engineering clients and candidates.

Why are we celebrating engineering?

We all know that as a career and an industry, engineering is innovative, exciting and rewarding. However, there is a lack of public knowledge and interest, especially among women and school children, in engineering. This has resulted in a sector with a significant gender and ethnic imbalance and with a notable lack of young and new entrants.

The UK currently has a 56,000 annual shortfall in engineering graduates and an engineering demographic that is 94% white and 92% male, according to the Royal Academy of Engineering. We are at the point of an engineering crisis and the government is taking a proactive approach to addressing this by showcasing engineering and highlighting the multitude of opportunities within the sector.

How are we celebrating?

The Year of Engineering is putting engineering in the spotlight in a big way. Backed by an inspiring social media campaign, 2018 is filled with a variety of national and regional events, talks and exhibitions, sparking debate, awareness and media coverage that engineering recruiters and candidates like you can get involved in. In particular, the Year of Engineering aims to highlight:

  • Engineering – what it is and what it encompasses
  • Women in engineering – celebrating existing female talent and challenging stereotypes
  • Engineering’s role in making the world a better place – demonstrating major achievements and looking towards the future
  • Engineering as a career – routes in, around and up
  • Skills and mindset – proving that engineering is more than just a technical mind

What’s happened so far?

Time flies when you’re having fun and the YoE has already achieved tonnes in its first few months. We’ve seen coding sessions in Apple stores, the launch of the James Dyson Award, the opening of a museum dedicated to Brunel, a performance by the world’s first robotic orchestra and two new dedicated exhibitions at the London Transport Museum.

How can you get involved?

There are still plenty of opportunities for RTRS’ engineering clients and candidates to get involved:

Become a registered partner

Pledge your support to the campaign and help to raise awareness by signing up here. Already backed by the UK Space Agency, Apple, the RAF, Airbus and Boeing, you will be in good company as an official sponsor.

Take part in upcoming events

Make an active contribution in helping the world to see the exciting, rewarding and creative career that is engineering. Check out the list of upcoming events at the end of this blog.


You don’t need to be an engineer in order to take part. Share news, insight and opinion with family, friends and colleagues to help increase public awareness and shatter stereotypes.

Why engineering clients and candidates should get involved

Taking part in the Year of Engineering will help you to:

Raise your profile

Whether that is raising your profile as an employer or an employee, there are plenty of opportunities to network, get known and strengthen your company or personal brand.

Increase your knowledge

The Year of Engineering isn’t just about challenging the public’s perception, it’s about challenging yours too; opening your mind and broadening your experience.

Demonstrate your passion

Taking part looks great on your CV and is something to talk about at interviews.

How RTRS is pledging its support

We’ll be highlighting the Year of Engineering regularly with our blogs, news pieces and discussing it with our clients and candidates. This is our year – let’s celebrate!

YoE events (May – July)

Science Museum – London


Engineer Your Future

An interactive exhibition about engineering.

Invisible Superheroes (ICE) – London

Throughout 2018

Celebrate the unsung engineering heroes who are transforming lives and safeguarding the future.

The Power of Women and Innovation – Salford

09 May 2018

Discuss and debate the role of women in engineering.

EPC Annual Congress – Newport

14 May 2018

Network, learn and share at the EPC’s annual Congress, discussing if engineering HE is fit for the future

Imagineering Fair – Somerset

30 May – 02 June

Companies, colleges and universities get together for a four-day fair dedicated to engineering and technology

Big Bang Fairs

Bringing STEM to life with an exciting and inspiring range of activities from employers and colleges across the UK.

Scotland – 12 June 2018

Haywards Heath – 27 June 2018

Bristol – 27 June 2018

Hertfordshire – 05 July 2018

Liverpool – 10 July 2018

London – 13 July 2018

Open House Families – London

10 June 2018

A free festival of design, engineering and architecture.

UK Robotics Week – London

21-29 June 2018

A national week of celebration for UK robotics.

Imeche Rail Challenge – Leicestershire

28 June 2018

Teams go head-to-head showcasing their bespoke designed and manufactured railways locomotives.

European International Submarine Race – Gosport

04-13 July 2018

Combining sport and engineering in a human-powered submarine race against the clock.

Home Automation Challenge Ceremony – Coventry

06 July 2018

Showcasing and announcing this year’s winners who have designed and manufactured a product automating a task in the home or garden.


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