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Electrical Supervisor / Foreman

Electrical Supervisor / Foreman

Job TypeContract
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Position – Electrical Supervisor / Foreman – (1 days / 1 nights)
Type – Contract
Rate – Circa £46.60 per hour Umbrella Co 
Duration – 12 Months +
Hours – Typically 66 hours per week 
Determination – Inside IR35
Security – UK BPSS / SC Security Clearance to be in place
Location – AWE Burghfield, Reading, UK
Project – MENSA Phase 2 

Start Date – ASAP !

Rate £41.60 per hour days + £5.00 shift allowance – £46.60
Plus £10 per hour night shift allowance £51.60
Plus £100 per day per diem – location dependent (Over 30 Mile radius)
Plus £5 per hour retention bonus
Shifts – 11 days on 3 days off

Roles & Responsibilities:

To ensure that work is undertaken within in accordance with the safe system of work, ensuring work is effectively controlled and co-ordinated to minimise delays and costs in meeting construction programme dates.

The Supervisor will:

1)  Be fully conversant with the Company’s Health and Safety Policy and understand the responsibilities placed upon them.

2)  Specifically in the interest of Safety they shall:

  • Ensure that employees under their control know and understand the Company’s Health and Safety Policy.
  • Be fully conversant with the Company’s Health, Safety and Environmental Policies and understand the responsibilities placed upon them.
  • Ensure that employees under their control know and understand the Company’s Health, Safety and Environmental Policies.
  • Operate within agreed systems/procedures applicable to the work of the site or facility.  Full and appropriate, use of the services of Health and Safety personnel should be made to assist and advise in           undertaking their duties.
  • Ensure that all procedures and instructions, relevant to the activities being undertaken as detailed by the Company are known and complied with.
  • Routinely check the workplace and activities being undertaken to ensure that these continue to be satisfactory in terms of Health and Safety and maintain a record of the checks.  Particular emphases             should be placed on establishing that plant, tools and equipment are available and safe to use.  Safe access/egress to/from work coupled with the highest standards of housekeeping is equally important.
  • Ensure that all employees under his/her control are instructed, trained and capable of undertaking their duties in a safe manner.  Particular attention must be paid to non-routine operations.  New or               transferred employees must not undertake tasks without appropriate induction, instruction or relevant training.
  • Be fully conversant with the Cavendish Nuclear Event Reporting procedures, undertake preliminary investigations of unplanned events and take prompt remedial action.
  • Ensure that all unplanned events are reported to line management as soon as practicable.
  • Ensure that protective clothing and equipment is issued to employees as required and that all employees under his/her control are instructed as to the use and maintenance of such clothing and                     equipment.
  • Co-operate with Company Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) – Operations in the implementation of their recommendations.
  • At all times set a personal example for employees to follow in the observance of Health and Safety requirements.
  • Continually seek to improve Health, Safety and Environmental standards and make suggestions to departmental heads or to health and safety personnel on possible improvements.
  • Ensure visitors, including contractors, are aware of hazards that may exist on the site or premises.  Where visitors have been provided with protective clothing and equipment, Supervisors will ensure that        its use is understood and worn correctly. 
  • Actively monitor Cavendish Nuclear and its contractor activities to ensure  they do not affect the health and safety of Company employees, other workers, members of the public or risk damage to the           environment,
  • Ensure that suitable Risk Assessments (including Point of Work Risk Assessments) have been undertaken, prior to commencement of work, in accordance with the requirements of the appropriate, specific      Health, Safety and Environmental and Welfare Plan (HSEW Plan).
  • Ensure that all associated Safety Assessments (including Risk, PPE, MH) are fully understood and complied with by the work force and are current and relevant for the job to be done
  • Ensure that appropriate Toolbox Talks are delivered at intervals as set out in Operations Group Procedures.
  • Refer immediately to line management any problem experienced in the implementation of any health, safety or environmental matters or where any remedial actions cannot be taken to comply with the plan or associated documents and legislation.
  • 3)           Liaise with Staff Representatives to resolve problems and/or disputes.

    4)           Communicate at all levels with labour under their control on any aspect of the Company’s business, which may be appropriate.

    5)           Promote communications between those under their control and other groups in the location in order to ensure the team is working in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

    6)           Liaise and communicate with the client and/or contractor on any aspects that are appropriate.

    7)           Supervise employees under their control and ensure that all auditable daily records are kept.

    8)           Comply with rules/regulations; permit systems and safety requirements in force in the specific location and to promote these disciplines in all of those under the Supervisor’s/Foreman’s control.

    9)           Ensure that only competent personnel are set to work.

    10)        Ensure that work is undertaken in accordance with the prescribed Quality Planning associated documents and related legislation.

    11)        Ensure that sufficient and suitable records of progress, by way of Daily Log and Labour Returns, are produced and submitted to Cavendish Nuclear Site/facility Management in a timely manner.

    12)        Ensure that employees are aware of and understand arising issues and sign onto relevant Method Statements, Implementation Quality Plans, Risk Assessments.

    13)        Ensure that the requirements of Method Statements and Implementation Quality Plans are followed and the relevant sections are legibly signed and dated as the works progress.

    14)        Specifically ensure that Hold Points are rigidly adhered to in all instructional plans.

    15)        Record any problems encountered during the works and notify the Cavendish Nuclear Engineer in Charge or Facility/General Manager of the details at the earliest opportunity.

    16)        Be aware of the availability of local services establishment e.g. quality, safety, administration etc. of which full use should be made.

    17)        Direct the timely production and maintenance of documentation.

    18)        Carry out inspection duties where required and appropriate to their skills/experience/qualifications etc.

    19)        Assess the training and development needs of team personnel responsible to the Supervisor and recommend appropriate action to the site Engineer in Charge/Facility/General Manager.

    20)        Record any problems encountered during the works and, in conjunction with relevant parties, ensure the impact on the project is minimised.

    21)        Record any variations in the scope of work of Cavendish Nuclear and its subcontractors.

    22)        Ensure compliance by Cavendish Nuclear and its subcontractors with the requirements of the Project Safety Plan and the Cavendish Nuclear Health Safety and Environmental Plan.

    These duties are project specific and in addition to those described in the Company and project manuals and procedures. He/she shall ensure that they are familiar with these documents, and any legislation to which they refer.

    The Supervisor may be assisted in the execution of these duties by the site/facility staff. The services of establishment e.g. quality, safety, administration etc. will be available of which full use should be made.