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Lifting Supervisor

Lifting Supervisor

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Position – Lifting Supervisor
Type – Contract
Rate – £30.80 per hour Umbrella Company
Location – Aldermaston, Berkshire
Determination – Inside IR35
Hours – 37 hours per week
Duration – 6 months +
Security – UK SC Security Clearance 
Start Date – Inside IR35


1 Objective
The objective of this procedure is to describe the Construction Service Group responsibilities for a Lift Supervisor under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 LOLER. The regulation is supported by the Code of Practice, British Standard Safe Use of Cranes: BS 7121
2 Reports to
Site Appointed Person (Lifting)

3 Appointed by
Construction Services Group, Services Support Manager or his nominee.

4 Role Description
To receive from the Approved Person (LOLER) AP (L), all information pertaining to a lift plan, pass on all information to the whole lift team regarding the lift process, then to supervise the lift to ensure it is undertaken in accordance with the plan. Where the instructions cannot be undertaken in accordance with the plan, then the lift supervisor will suspend the process and inform the AP (L)
5 Qualifications
As set out in CSG-PRD-HSE-5.5.

6 Duties
The Clients Nuclear Lift Supervisor, ensuring he/she has been appointed as a Client Nuclear Lift Supervisor by the CSG Services Support Manager, shall, under the instruction of the appropriate LOLER AP(L):

a) Not act as Lift Supervisor if he/she is also acting as Crane Operator.
b) Be familiar with the requirements of the CSG-PRD-HSE-Sect 5, BS 7271, the applicable HSEW Plan and applicable Health & Safety Legislation (and client requirements where applicable) insofar as they relate to his/her role.
c) Ensure approval is obtained from 3rd parties as appropriate and reflected in documentation and team briefings.

d) Check that there is an Emergency Rescue Plan for the crane operator (as appropriate to the crane).

e) Check for the presence of a Permit to Work (where applicable).

f) Ensure that a Task Briefing is delivered by the LOLER AP(L), to the Lift Supervisor who will then conveyed it to the whole lift team.

g) Inspect the siting to ensure stability of the crane.

h) Complete a Point of Work Lifting Assessment with the team.

i) Direct and supervise the lifting operation, ensuring that it is carried out in accordance with the Method Statement (or Lift Plan) and Risk Assessment, giving clear and unambiguous instructions to all other members of the team.

j) Confirm that the geometry of the lift complies with the Method Statement (in the case of non complex) or Lift Plan

k) Have authority to stop the lifting operation if he/she considers it dangerous to proceed.

l) Be fully conversant with the duties of all persons involved in the lifting operation.

m) Check the declared weight stated on load/certification prior to lifting using BS 7172-1.

n) Audit the qualifications of personnel involved in the lift, prior to commencement.

o) Ensure that there is clear communication between him/herself and all team members.

p) Ensure the lift area is adequately barriered off, and that traffic of personnel is controlled.

q) Ensure that the load is secure.

r) Control the inclination of the load.

s) Ensure that work is not carried out under a suspended load unless required by the Lift Plan.

t) Audit the certification (& traceability to certification), the rating and the condition of plant & equipment before it is used in the lift (including Limiting and Indicating Devices).

u) Audit the use of Personal Safety Equipment.

v) Apply the principle of Regulation 6 during the implementation of all lifting operations, ensuring that:
o the load does not strike persons or other objects.
o the load does not drift uncontrollably.
o the load does not fall freely, or is not released unintentionally.

? avoiding lifting over personnel, plant or equipment
? providing adequate space to avoid crushing
? providing substantial hoist enclosures
? providing adequate underside protection
? avoiding access to trapping points

w) Ensure that lifts involving multiple crane operations are controlled by one competent person only.

x) Ensure that weather conditions are taken into consideration in the decision to proceed with a lift.

y) Ensure that declared inspection/examination and maintenance of the equipment and accessories have been undertaken. For further information see BS 7121-2
z) Ensure that there is an effective procedure for reporting defects and incidents and taking any necessary corrective action.
aa) Should unforeseen circumstances become apparent, implement the ‘Stop Think Act Review and Tell (START)’ protocol.
bb) Undertake a review of the lift, on completion, produce a ‘Close-out Report’ for the Appointed Person (Lifting).

These duties are project specific and in addition to those described in the Company and project manuals and procedures. The Lift Supervisor shall ensure that he/she familiar with these documents and any legislation to which they refer.

The services of site establishment e.g. quality, safety, administration etc. will be available to the Lift Supervisor, of which full use should be made.

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