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Permanent Engineering Specialists

You’ll receive a service that covers every possible source to find talent. The basics are covered – we’ll advertise your job on all relevant online platforms, and we’ll provide maximum reach on social media channels.

This provides access to the active candidate market, however the true value of our service is finding you candidates that are not currently proactively looking to move.

Our in-house database is specifically developed to allow us to build long term relationships. We network with engineering professionals, online and off, on a daily basis.

With over 16 years of relationship data and market information, we can reach highly targeted segments of candidates via telephone, email and sms as soon as we have your requirement.

We can work with you to market your Employer brand, highlighting to the candidate market why working for you is more than just their next job. In a candidate-driven market, employer choice gives prospective employees more decisions to make – it’s important that they want to work for you.

For more information about finding your next permanent engineering specialist, register your requirements with RTRS today: